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Source Code Audit

Confidence in every line of code

Engage us from the beginning of your codebase to ensure a robust and confident release.

Tailored Security Assessment: Our source code reviews are optimized to meet your business needs and specific threat models. We provide actionable insights and recommendations tailored to your project’s requirements. This personalized approach maximizes value by prioritizing the most effective and relevant security measures.

Thorough Code Inspection: Our blockchain and information security experts meticulously inspect the source code of your application in any language (Solidity, Go, Rust, C, C++, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java) to identify security weaknesses, demonstrate their impact, and provide advice to improve the security of your product.

Detailed Reporting: Our consultants provide a final report that includes an executive summary, technical details, evidence that verifies the possibility of exploiting the vulnerabilities found, and the scope and severity of these vulnerabilities.

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Our Security Review Process

Our code audit process is comprehensive and meticulous, ensuring the highest level of security and performance for your blockchain applications.

  1. Reconnaissance

We start by thoroughly analyzing your project’s documentation to understand the context and environment in which your contracts operate. Our experts dive deep into your project’s architecture, from general concepts to specific implementations. We assess dependencies on external sources or contracts, reliance on trusted third-party libraries, and aspects of contract immutability or upgradability. Critical factors such as complex mathematical models or cryptographic elements are also rigorously evaluated.

  1. Define Actors and Interactions

Understanding who will interact with your contract and how they will do so is crucial. We define the roles of all actors and map out the main entry points and functions available to each actor, ensuring clarity in permissions and actions.

  1. Implementation Bugs

Our experts conduct a meticulous line-by-line review of your contract’s implementation. This detailed scrutiny helps identify any implementation bugs that could compromise the security or performance of the contract.

  1. Logic Issue Analysis

With a clear understanding of how each contract action is performed and the overall goal of the protocol, we look for business logic issues. This includes identifying potential vulnerabilities such as inflation attacks, price manipulations, unfair liquidations, and bad debt generation that could affect the integrity of DeFi protocols.

  1. Comparative Protocol Research

We research similar protocols that have been previously audited to identify common issues or vulnerabilities that might be relevant to your project. This historical insight helps anticipate and mitigate potential risks.

  1. Static Analysis and Testing

Our team employs static analysis tools to detect vulnerabilities at scale. For each identified issue, we manually verify the actual impact and likelihood of the finding, ensuring a comprehensive risk assessment by eliminating false positives. Get Started with Your Audit Secure your blockchain project’s future by scheduling a smart contract audit with Coinspect today. Contact us to discuss your needs and take the first step towards unparalleled product security and trust.

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Coinspect helps us on a daily basis with everything related to the security of the software products we build, including training our developers to detect and avoid introducing vulnerabilities in an early stage of our software development lifecycle. Their team has the most proficient and knowledgeable security experts I know in the space.