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Penetration Testing

Real hackers defending you

Simulate Real-World Attacks to Uncover Your Weakest Points.

Our penetration testing services simulate real-world attacks, testing your detection capabilities and revealing your weakest points. Imagine a skilled adversary probing your network or applications. That’s us. Our hackers target the weakest components to access sensitive information and potentially steal your crypto assets.

Broad-Spectrum Vulnerability Detection: Our penetration tests, known for their speed and efficiency, identify a wide range of vulnerabilities and are particularly effective for confirming high-impact issues faster than other testing methodologies.

Targeted Exploitation: We identify and exploit vulnerabilities such as improper authentication and remote code execution in web applications, network services, and other exposed systems.

Comprehensive Reporting: Our experts provide a final Penetration Test report that includes an executive summary, technical details, and evidence verifying the exploitability of the identified vulnerabilities. The report also assesses the scope and severity of these vulnerabilities.

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Coinspect did a security review for complex embedded code on our behalf and came back with workable exploits and improvement suggestions in a record time.