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We don’t need to brag. Our clients say it best.
logo ledger
Coinspect did a security review for complex embedded code on our behalf and came back with workable exploits and improvement suggestions in a record time.
logo rsk
Coinspect helps us on a daily basis with everything related to the security of the software products we build, including training our developers to detect and avoid introducing vulnerabilities in an early stage of our software development lifecycle. Their team has the most proficient and knowledgeable security experts I know in the space.
logo zcash
What saved us? It was caught in a security audit by Coinspect, I can't recommend this team highly enough for crypto specific security audits.
logo liquity
We were very glad to have Coinspect review our contracts before launch - the audit was really thorough, and increased our confidence in the core Liquity system. They diligently reviewed both the technical and the cryptoeconomic aspects. We'd be happy to collaborate again in future.
tari logo
I must commend the incredible work done by the Coinspect team. The fact that they could take such a complicated piece of software, break it down, and put their finger on so many high severity issues in a relatively short period is testament to the expertise that was deployed on this audit.