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SDLC Reinforcement

Seamless security in every step of development

Integrate continuous security practices into the development lifecycle.

The best way to remove a bug is by not adding it in the first place. We collaborate daily with project teams, understanding their challenges and helping them grow. By integrating precise security measures into your software development lifecycle, you inspire a security-first mindset in your teams. Our expert guidance empowers engineers to focus on coding while allowing management to concentrate on strategic business decisions.

Technical Project Management: An experienced leader orchestrates the initiative, bridging the gap between security and development to ensure the integration of SDLC Reinforcement’s core values without disrupting the development flow. The TPM enhances the program’s success by fostering a proactive security culture, ensuring smooth team communication, and leveraging key performance indicators.

Secure Agile Development: Practices include code reviews, support for defense-in-depth development, security testing of sensitive components, and creating threat models that drive developers’ critical thinking.

Internal Security Team Support: We offer continuous mentoring and support to the company’s growing security team.

Penetration Testing and Red Teaming: We emulate skilled attackers to test the company’s products and infrastructure.

Incident Response Support: Our team maintains reliable communication channels even during non-business hours to respond to incidents.

Full Security Integration: By embedding security practices throughout your SDLC, we help create a robust and resilient development environment that anticipates and mitigates risks before they become issues.

Long-term Collaboration: We build lasting relationships with your teams, providing ongoing support and training to ensure continuous improvement in security practices.

Contact us today to integrate Coinspect’s SDLC Reinforcement into your development lifecycle and secure your projects from the ground up.

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Coinspect helps us on a daily basis with everything related to the security of the software products we build, including training our developers to detect and avoid introducing vulnerabilities in an early stage of our software development lifecycle. Their team has the most proficient and knowledgeable security experts I know in the space.