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Aragon Audit

Luciano Notarfrancesco
Principal Security Engineer

Starting in August 2020, Aragon requested Coinspect to review selected parts of the Aragon smart contracts source code. Coinspect auditors spent 2 weeks during a period of 3 months in this engagement.

Aragon is a contract system that enables communities to organize around capital assets, currencies, or tokens, which will increase in value as more people hold and use that asset to participate in it. They do this by providing the tools for people to turn a community, cause, or even a meme into its own economy, they can unlock a long-tail of DAOs that are not limited just to protocols like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Aragon’s team members were always available to answer Coinspect’s questions. They were very supportive and responsive to the suggestions made by the auditors. Their code was well written, organized and of excellent quality. Besides, the contracts were provided with an adroit set of tests.

The following reports detail the tasks performed as a series of reviews that took place as requested by Aragon’s development team. Each report focused on a specific part of the platform, particularly selected by the team. Hence, the reviews do not represent a complete audit of the platform and does not include the interactions with external components such as third party DeFi systems which were not in scope as per the client’s request.

Find the detailed reports in the links below:

Aragon ANTv2 Smart Contract Audit

Aragon Minter Smart Contract Audit

Aragon Protocol Smart Contract Audit