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Zcash Security Audit Results

Founder & CEO
Audit, Zcash

Zcash will be launched tomorrow, and we’re excited about it. Zcash is an implementation of the Zerocash protocol based on the Bitcoin Core C++ code. It intends to offer a far higher standard of privacy and anonymity through a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving scheme which preserves confidentiality of transaction metadata. Zcash​ engaged ​Coinspect​ to perform a security audit of their implementation of the ​ Zerocash​ protocol. Coinspect reviewed Zcash changes to Bitcoin Core focused on evaluating its resistance against specific threats that usually affect blockchains. Coinspect identified high-risk and moderate-risk issues during the assessment that affected the performance and availability of the Zcash p2p network. The security issues identified did not allow remote code execution nor allowed an attacker to steal funds or compromise the privacy Zcash users. However we found exploitable 51% and isolation attacks with minimum resources. It is an honor for Coinspect to contribute with our security experience to the exceptional team behind this exciting project.

Click here to download the Zcash audit report