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Vesper Pools Audit

Juan Pablo Martinez Kuhn
Director of Security Services
Audit, DeFi

Coinspect reviewed selected parts of Vesper Pool’s smart contracts while the code was being developed. Coinspect auditors spent 5 weeks during a period of 5 months starting in September 2020.

Vesper’s team members were very supportive and responsive to our suggestions. Their code evolved and its quality was improved along the auditing process.

Each of the following reports is focused on an individual new feature and/or set of modifications performed to previously reviewed code, specifically selected by the development team. Hence, the reviews do not represent a complete audit of the final project code (the code deployed does not fully match the code audited in the latest report) and does not include the interactions with external components such as third party DeFi systems which were not in scope.

First Report

Second Report

Third Report

Fourth Report

Fifth Report