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Meet the people behind Coinspect. Our team boasts a 25-year track record of groundbreaking industry contributions, fueled by passion, expertise, and a touch of rebellious curiosity.

juliano rizzo

Juliano Rizzo is a highly accomplished computer security expert and researcher with over 25 years of experience in vulnerability research, reverse engineering, cryptography, and penetration testing. Juliano has made significant contributions to the field of cybersecurity through his groundbreaking work on cryptographic attacks and the discovery of critical vulnerabilities in widely used software and protocols.

Rizzo’s most notable achievements include developing the BEAST and CRIME attacks against the SSL/TLS protocol and the ASP.NET padding Oracle vulnerability. His research has been published, presented at prestigious conferences, and recognized with numerous awards, including the Pwnie Award for Best Server-Side Bug in 2011 and multiple Top Web Hacking Techniques awards in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

juan pablo martinez kuhn

JP is a distinguished cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience, known for his expertise in offensive security techniques, red-teaming, and reverse engineering. He has performed security assessments for several Fortune 500 companies and has contributed to the cybersecurity field through vulnerability research and training programs. JP’s notable work includes the identification of novel attack vectors against Linux’s Doug Lea memory allocator in the early 2000’s.

Since joining Coinspect Security in 2017, JP has focused on blockchain-related vulnerability research, particularly in complex protocols, smart contracts, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. He has engaged with numerous innovative projects in this role. As the leader of Coinspect’s audit team, he is committed to training the next generation of security professionals, providing them with the skills and insights needed to navigate and protect against evolving security threats

joaquin l pereyra

Joaquin has nearly a decade of experience in application security, working in a range of settings from large companies like Mercado Libre to startups such as RootstockLabs. His background includes roles on both blue and red teams, providing him with a well-rounded perspective on cybersecurity challenges and solutions.

Currently, Joaquin is at the helm of Coinspect’s security review efforts, leading evaluations of various companies and their products. His work covers a wide array of technologies, from EVM smart contracts to new L1 blockchain architectures. His focus is on identifying security vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights to enhance the security posture of these projects. Joaquin’s approach is pragmatic and detail-oriented, aiming to contribute to the development of safer and more secure digital environments.

franco riccobaldi

Franco is a computer security expert working in the field for over a decade. His wide-ranging skill set includes source code auditing, reverse engineering, penetration testing, and the development of offensive security techniques. His extensive knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape is derived from his vulnerability research and consulting services provided to leading technology companies and Fortune Global 500 organizations. Through hands-on work, Franco has honed his ability to identify and exploit vulnerabilities, enabling him to craft effective defensive strategies against advanced cyber threats.

At Coinspect, Franco specializes in web3 technologies and decentralized applications. His expertise spans crypto wallet audits, code reviews, web application security, and penetration testing, ensuring the security of systems in the dynamic web3 landscape.

tiago assumpcao

Tiago brings 25 years of cybersecurity expertise across R&D, product design, and management, working with leading companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, as well as public entities such as the Brazilian Ministry of Science. His ability to uncover critical vulnerabilities and crafting exploits extends to renowned software like the Windows and Linux Kernels.

Tiago made significant contributions to the early development of memory safety mechanisms now standard in modern computers, including Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and executable-space protection. At BlackBerry, he supported the implementation of ASLR/XN and collaborated on designing new CPU-level protections with manufacturers such as ARM. His research at Zynamics focused on combining abstract interpretation with dynamic analyses. He has presented at the most prestigious security conferences in the world, including RSA.

Currently, he leads Coinspect’s SDLC Reinforcement continuous service, working closely with clients to foster a security-first culture within teams and solidify blockchain projects.

matias marquez

Matías has had a strong interest in mathematics since an early age, which later evolved into a passion for computer science and blockchain technology. With over 15 years of programming experience and 8 years dedicated to blockchain technologies, Matías brings a wealth of expertise to his work. He thrives on tackling complex problems and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. His unique analytical abilities allow him to delve into intricate systems and uncover even the most subtle logic vulnerabilities.

Leveraging his background in mathematics and computer science, Matías continues to shape the future of decentralized technologies. Currently, he works within the Coinspect audit team, conducting reviews for various technologies, including smart contracts for multiple platforms, base node implementations, and hardware secure modules. Some notable works of Matías include critical vulnerabilities in bridge and merge mining implementations.

matias sequeira

Matias is an engineer with a Master’s in Cyber Security from Northeastern University sponsored by Fulbright, with over 8 years of experience, his career in security is dedicated to research and development. Leveraging his Web2 background at Coinspect, he engages in different projects involving smart contracts, Layer 1 technologies, and bridges, to name a few.

The outcome of his work includes identifying and reporting vulnerabilities to over 40 software wallets, some of these documented in Coinspect’s blog! He has presented at the most relevant cybersecurity and blockchain conferences in the world. He also contributes to the community through and the development of open-source security tools and frameworks.

lior abadi

Lior’s integration into the realm of web3 security represents a distinctive amalgamation of his academic background in chemical process engineering and his innate curiosity for intricate systems. His initial dive into programming during his university years, aimed at modeling and optimizing complex processes, set the foundation for his subsequent ventures into blockchain security. This confluence of interests not only underscores his professional commitment but also reflects his personal zeal for venturing into uncharted domains.

At Coinspect, Lior has taken a pioneering role in the security review team. One of his notable contributions is the development of the “Learn EVM Attacks” repository, a pivotal resource that fosters an understanding of security vulnerabilities and promotes collaborative learning within the web3 community. Leveraging his engineering expertise, Lior applies a novel approach to dissect and evaluate the flows and states within blockchain ecosystems, particularly focusing on areas related to DeFi protocols and blockchain applications. His work is distinguished by a fusion of scientific methodologies and a profound grasp of blockchain technologies, aimed at uncovering and addressing potential security threats. This approach not only highlights his innovative capabilities but also his contribution to enhancing the security landscape of web3.

agustin gianni

Agustin started his cybersecurity journey at 18, having spent the past 20 years immersed in reverse engineering and security research, with a keen focus on exploit development. At GitHub, as a security researcher, his work involved diving deep into the inner details of OpenSSL, HyperKit, and other open-source projects, uncovering vulnerabilities, and sharing his findings. He also enjoyed demystifying complex topics through workshops on CodeQL and contributing to the community’s knowledge through blog posts.

At Coinspect, he continues to explore the R&D landscape, blending his extensive programming and security experience to help clients protect their projects. He works on highly innovative web3 technologies and collaboration tools to provide robust defenses for digital assets.

leandro narosky

Leandro brings over a decade of full-stack development expertise, having worked with industry leaders like Despegar, Wildlife Studios, and Resortpass. His proficiency spans frontend, backend, and cloud technologies, allowing him to craft efficient, scalable solutions that drive business growth. On the frontend, Leandro leverages modern JavaScript frameworks to create intuitive, responsive user interfaces. In the backend, his skills in Node.js, Python, and Java, coupled with his knowledge of databases and RESTful APIs, enable him to design robust, secure server-side architectures. Leandro’s cloud expertise extends to platforms like AWS and Google Cloud, where he designs highly scalable, fault-tolerant systems.

His commitment to best practices, including agile methodologies and test-driven development, combined with his strong collaboration and problem-solving skills, make him an invaluable asset to Coinspect.